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Each successful trip begins with one step, for special frozen CO. Factory, and has started with a clear vision to become one of the best manufacturers of a wealth of value-added frozen vegetables and fruits. Our journey began in 1995 by a strong team of professional experts in the processing industry of frozen fruits and vegetables. To build this vision, we choose fertile soil for Egypt. Year after year, special frozen CO. Factory markets span Canada, the United States, Mexico, Europe, England, Australia and the Middle East.
Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal:
For this reason, we have implemented an uncompromising way of ensuring quality to ensure the best possible value for our customers. Our closeness enables our clients to respond effectively to their different needs. This is due to the personal relationships built by our sales force. As one of the leading producers of frozen fruits and vegetables, our constant pursuit of the best position keeps us excited to always give more to our customers. From the biggest accounts to the local shoppers in our region, we pride ourselves on understanding the needs of our customers. For this reason, we choose only the most consistent products of high quality from the richest land in the Nile. All products received must meet the highest quality inspection criteria from the time the plant leaves to the customer. Our trained team of experts maintain the highest standards of quality control from freshness and cleanliness to ensure maximum customer satisfaction for each bag of vegetables.
Be recognized as one of the best manufacturers of frozen foods from IQF in the market depending on our history and customer satisfaction.
As one of the leading frozen fruit and vegetable processors in the booming Egyptian market, we are committed to providing high quality and competitive products through our experienced team and the latest technology in frozen food manufacturing. We believe that our mission will be achieved through our original management system, uncompromising treatment methods, and successful partnership programs in the implementation of ISO and HACCP programs. In order to rise to high performance levels, we consider each day a new challenge.. With Selected Fresh And Safe Raw Materials Produced By Our ISO/HACCP/BRC Certified Suppliers- Kosher Supervised By Our Experienced QC Team All products from Grade A from a very good quality

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